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Healthy 365 — An app that rewards you with every step

Project Overview

Healthy 365 is a mobile application launched by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) that sets out to encourage healthy living through incentive-based features that reward users through diet and step tracking via wearable technology.

The goal of the app is to create a long-term healthy behavioural change and reward users for achieving their health goals.


However, the current app presents the user with too much information that is hard to access.

The team’s objective is to allow the app to be:

  1. More user-friendly with only relevant information presented in the app
  2. Increase app usability for long-term user engagement.


The project involved collaborating simultaneously to create a unique style and value proposition that will distinguish Healthy 365 in the fitness market. The process included:

  1. Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Product


When working on Healthy 365, we needed to learn more about the fitness market and users. We conducted desk research to study the market trends, needs and competitors. We also dove deeper into users’ profiles.


To motivate our users to actively achieve their fitness goals, we propose the following solutions that will allow them to conveniently track their steps and redeem rewards:

  1. Improved Core Functionality
  2. Efficient Reward Redemption

#1 Improved Core Functionality

The poor discoverability of app functions was one issue we tackled by implementing a combination of a navigation bar, which affords quick access to the most commonly used features in the app. The redesigned dashboard also located some functions at the top of the homepage for quick access.

#2 Efficient Reward Redemption

While the rewards page was one of the most-accessed features in the app, it had no easy means of access in the original app — users had to scroll down on the dashboard and choose between two easily confusing links.

We made the Rewards page easily accessible from the main navigation bar and also redesigned the Rewards page to be a centralized location to access all Healthpoints- and redemption-related functions.

Reward redemption requires just 3 clicks to make that happen.

Final Thoughts

Being motivated to exercise is hard.

But exercise is powerful medicine and it is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

That is why I’m excited to know that Healthy 365 is helping us achieve our fitness milestones as we build positive and healthy behaviours.

Your health is a journey, let’s make it an exciting one.

Thank you for reading!